If you are a bride-to-be reading this, then you don’t need me to tell you how important your wedding day is to you.

The modern day bride will meticulously plan her day to the very last detail, making sure everything runs as it should, from that rare group photograph with her university friends right down to the grooms suit and button hole.

But what about the entertainment. It’s the time in your perfect day where you usually hand over responsibility to a band or DJ. It’s the final piece in your perfect jigsaw and the last piece you and your guests will remember, good, or in some cases, bad.

And how do you make the choice between a band and a DJ? So the pros and cons of a band. Don’t get me wrong, if you are lucky to find a good band, then there is really nothing that can match the excitement and atmosphere created by live musicians. On the negative side, a band will not play your requests, they will have a pre-prepared set list which isn’t going to appeal to all your guests and most importantly, they will probably only play two one hour sets. So with your average wedding reception lasting between four and five hours, where does that leave you? Without entertainment for nearly half the duration of your evening.

A good DJ can play for the duration of your celebrations, can cater for a variety of musical tastes and change the mood at the touch of a button while taking requests from you and your guests.

So if you do choose to go the DJ route, please don’t take any chances. The first step is to talk to me is to set up a no obligation, very informal meeting, at your venue or somewhere of your choice, to discuss YOUR ideas for YOUR reception. Your wedding reception will be like no other and its important to get to know you as people as well as a bride and groom. Your venue is your home for the day, and it’s important your DJ should feel at home as well.

So what is there to discuss you may ask. Surely a DJ is just there to play great music? Well this is of course true, but your wedding reception can be so much more if you want it to be. Please look at some ideas for your reception here.

For a no obligation meeting at your venue, please contact me here. I very much look forward to being a part of your special day.

Natalie & Russ’s Wedding, Rhinefield House Hotel, 7th June, 2014
Used by kind permission of Funky Photographers



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